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Fire Permits are Required in The Village of Sundridge.

Permits can be obtained at the Village Office or Sundridge Strong Fire Department and are valid from the date of issue to the end of the calendar year and are $20.00

By-law 2019-035 - Open Air Burning By-law
Summary of Fire Permit Burning Rules


Former Patients of Dr. Zeindler

Appointments are now available to the end of December

Patients can also see the Nurse Practitioner

Temporary arrangements have been made to have a doctor provide healthcare services to former patients of Dr. Zeindler on a part-time basis.

Dr. Diana Gzik is a family doctor from Huntsville who will be helping 2-3 days per week until the end of December.

If you need an appointment, please call the Sundridge & District Medical Centre at (705) 384-5258 (Dr. Zeindler’s former office) and leave a message with your name, phone number and the reason why you need an appointment.  Our staff will return your call as time allows.

Please note that we continue to search for a full-time replacement for Dr. Zeindler.

If you have already rostered with a new family physician, we strongly suggest that you stay with them until we have a full-time replacement.

1st Wednesday each month SSJ Arena & Hall & Ballfield Committee at arena
1st Wednesday every second month (March, May, etc) Sundridge-Strong Fire Department Management Board at Sundridge Council Chambers 7:00PM
1st Thursday each month except July and August Strong Recreation Committee at Sundridge Community Centre 7:00PM
1st Thursday of each Month Central Almaguin Economic Development Comamittee at Strong Municipal Office 5:30PM
3rd Tuesday each month except July and August
Sundridge and District Medical Centre Committee at Sundridge Community Centre 6:00PM
Sundridge Council Chambers (Closed Session)

Housing Committee Meeting - Sundridge Council Chambers 6:00PM
3rd Thursday of each month except July and August Sundridge-Strong Public Library 7:00PM

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